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Investments in Hungarian startups, 2014


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Funding ranges

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Funding types

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Funding origins

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List of Investments

  • HUF 28m invested in Codie by iCatapultFebruary, 2014
  • HUF 170m invested in Maven 7 by Primus CapitalFebruary, 2014
  • $36k invested in Fundacity by Startups and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development (SEED)March, 2014
  • HUF 11.3m invested in Funspotter by Traction TribeMarch, 2014
  • €300k invested in CryptTalk by Energen GroupMarch, 2014
  • HUF 100m invested in Now Technologies by OTP-DayOneApril, 2014
  • HUF 60m invested in StatzUp by OTP-DayOneApril, 2014
  • HUF 11.3m invested in Tappointment by Traction TribeApril, 2014
  • HUF 9m invested in LiteUp by Traction TribeApril, 2014
  • $3m invested in Tresorit by EuroventuresMay, 2014
  • HUF 23.5m invested in VegasLockDown by Traction TribeMay, 2014
  • €25k invested in SnapClip by Axel Springer Plug and PlayMay, 2014
  • HUF 30m invested in RoboPhone by iCatapultMay, 2014
  • HUF 6m invested in ShokaMe by Kitchen BudapestMay, 2014
  • HUF 12.3m invested in by Traction TribeMay, 2014
  • HUF 15m invested in Plays by iCatapultMay, 2014
  • $50k invested in Fundacity by NXTP LabsJune, 2014
  • HUF 35.6m invested in Remotaid by Traction TribeJune, 2014
  • HUF 34.6m invested in Commsignia by Traction TribeJune, 2014
  • HUF 72m invested in SortPad by OTP-Day OneJune, 2014
  • HUF 365m invested in Karma Platform by Széchenyi Tőkebefektetési Alap, Private InvestorsJuly, 2014
  • $200k invested in Automizy by UndisclosedAugust, 2014
  • HUF 740m invested in Mobilengine by Valor CapitalAugust, 2014
  • HUF 26.8m invested in MadBarz by Traction TribeSeptember, 2014
  • HUF 12.3m invested in SongArc by Traction TribeOctober, 2014
  • HUF 10.5m invested in Tep by Traction TribeOctober, 2014
  • $57m invested in Prezi by Spectrum Equity, Accel PartnersNovember, 2014
  • $15k invested in Pubify by Undisclosed InvestorsNovember, 2014
  • €500k invested in Enbritely by Finnish Business Angels Network, Evli BankNovember, 2014
  • $580k invested in Piqniq by Undisclosed InvestorsDecember, 2014
  • €175k invested in SmartDrive by European PioneersDecember, 2014